Denver Mass Shooter Identified As Far-Right Extremist

Denver’s Fox News affiliate reports:

Investigators have identified the man who killed five people during a shooting spree in Denver and Lakewood Monday night. Lyndon McLeod, 47, was killed by police at the Belmar shopping center in Lakewood after he carried out shootings in at least six locations.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen said McLeod had been on law enforcement radar during two recent investigations, one in 2020 and another in 2021, but neither resulted in charges.

Three of the victims were at tattoo shops when they were killed. Alicia Cardenas and Alyssa Gunn-Maldonado were at Sol Tribe Tattoo and Piercing on Broadway in Denver, Danny Scofield was at Lucky 13 Tattoo on Kipling Street in Lakewood. Additionally, a woman working at the Hyatt House in Belmar was killed by McLeod inside the hotel.

ABC News reports:

All of the victims were known to Mcleod through personal or business relationships, police said at a press conference Tuesday evening. Lakewood police responded to a report of a shooting at about 6 p.m., said John Romero, the department’s public information officer.

The suspect shot and injured a Lakewood officer while fleeing the hotel, Romero said. The officer is in stable condition but will need to undergo more surgeries, police said. The suspect and officers then exchanged gunfire, and the suspect was shot and killed, Romero said.

The Sun reports:

The gunman accused of killing five people pledged “he would never go unarmed” as he posted several chilling red flags before his deadly rampage. McLeod, who reportedly also had several extremist views, published a three-book sci-fi series from 2018 to 2020 that appears to glorify violence.

He reportedly harbored extremist views and alt-right conspiracy theories online. McLeod shared a Covid conspiracy meme on Twitter that appears to show Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft founder Bill Gates discussing an “injectable nanoworm”.

Last year, the suspected gunman ranted about emasculated men. McLeod said: “Our entire society is made up of sh***y little f***s who insult badasses & get away with it because law enforcement & social norms protect the WEAK from the STRONG. I’m over it. The weak better buckle up… s**t is about to get real.”