Cultists Rage At Crackpot Over His Failed Promises

The Daily Beast reports:

On his Thursday evening live stream, Lindell railed against “bots” and “trolls” that have been posing questions and statements on his Facebook page, such as: “Mike, you keep making promises. I don’t see Donald Trump.”

Then, referring to his own fans growing impatient with his own fruitless promises, Lindell fired back: “Those are bots and trolls. Any real person out there would know we are doing everything we can!”

Lindell’s supporters have also become increasingly vocal on his Telegram over the yet to occur Trump reinstatement, which was initially slated for August.

Read the full article. Earlier this month Lindell claimed that he’s so far spent over $25 million in his stupendously stupid campaign to have the world’s most infamous liar and insurrectionist reinstated. Lindell postponed the date of said reinstatement seven times during 2021.