Cultist GOP House Candidate: Christians Are “Here To Take Over” America In The Name Of Jesus [VIDEO]

“Are we ready to declare war on every demonic spirit? Are we ready to take over? Somebody shout, ‘Take it back, take it back.’ Shout, ‘Take it back!’ We’re here to declare war on Satan.

“How many here know that this is a God nation, this is a Jesus nation? And liberals are trying to take God out of everything we hold dear. Are you gonna let them do it, Texas?

“I said are you gonna let them take God—somebody say, ‘Never! Shout, ‘Never!’ This nation was founded on the fact that Jesus is the messiah.

“We’re here to take over, God help me. We’re here to take over. We’re here to take over!” – House candidate and pastor Mark Burns, at a QAnon rally this weekend.