Cawthorn Lied About How He Met His Soon-To-Be Ex

The Insider reports:

An 18-month-old video of GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn explaining how he met his soon-to-be ex-wife emerged on Twitter this weekend.

Cawthorn, 26, originally shared the story, which includes a Russian casino, a US Army captain, and a faux CrossFit competition, in an interview with Stephanie Hamill from the Daily Caller, a right-wing site, in June 2020.

“We just decided to take $100 each and go into a casino and see how it went,” Cawthorn said. He didn’t mention how he gained access to a casino in St. Petersburg since gambling and casinos have been banned in Russia since 2009.

Read the full article. Cawthorn, as you may know, has also lied about being admitted to the Naval Academy, about his education, about his business experience, and about the accident that left him paralyzed.