Cawthorn Flips Out Over Reaction To Wife/Russia Claim

“The sick individuals spreading wild conspiracy theories about Congressman Cawthorn in the wake of his deeply personal divorce announcement are hateful and unwell. We’re not dignifying this baseless narrative with any further response.” – Cawthorn spox Luke Ball.

Raleigh’s NBC News affiliate reports:

North Carolina congressman Madison Cawthorn is back in the national spotlight for his story about a Russian casino and a fake fitness competition.

Some on social media turned immediately to speculation about whether Cawthorn had been the target of a Russian “honeypot” operation, an espionage tactic in which an agent uses seduction for access. Cawthorn mocked those commenters as “conspiracy theorists.”

Speculation aside, Cawthorn’s story itself raises a lot of questions. When did this all happen? Who did he travel with? Which casino? And who was Captain Todd?