Carlson: McConnell Is “Nastiest Old Woman In Town”

“McConnell knew that Tim Unes had helped organize Donald Trump’s political rally in Washington this January. There was nothing illegal or immoral about that. If anything it’s a constitutionally protected behavior, it is organizing a political rally. It is why we have the Bill of Rights.

“But the partisan lunatics on the January 6th committee don’t acknowledge the Bill of Rights and they objected to this and Mitch McConnell aggressively took their side as he has from the very beginning. So, McConnell then convinced the Dole family to cancel Tim Unes’ contract and disinvite him from the funeral.

“Then McConnell made sure the story made the New York Times and when he did that he knew perfectly well that a piece like this would completely destroy Tim Unes’ life, which unfortunately it definitely will.

“Even by Mitch McConnell’s usual standards of viciousness, and he is known as the nastiest old woman in town, this was an incredibly cruel thing to do.” – Tucker Carlson, last night.