Anti-Vaxxers Storm NYC Cheesecake Factory, Demand Service, At Least Six Arrested On Trespassing Charges

The Queens Eagle reports:

Half a dozen anti-vaccine protesters were cuffed for staging a “sit in” inside the Cheesecake Factory in Queens Center Mall earlier this week.

Six people, two of whom are from Queens, were arrested on Tuesday, Dec. 14, after they blew past the restaurant’s host stand, refused to show proof of vaccination and sat themselves down at several empty tables, according to the NYPD.

A restaurant employee, who had asked the group to leave after they violated the restaurant’s COVID-19 policy, called the cops around 7 p.m., according to the authorities.

The Hill reports:

One of the anti-vaccine protestors compared the NYPD to “Nazis,” and said, “we’re going to sue every last one of these motherf—ers,” while also comparing the vaccine mandate to historic “segregation.”

Senior Director of Public Relations for Cheesecake Factory Alethea Rowe said in a statement to Bloomberg, “This was an unfortunate incident. The company is simply complying with the local ordinance concerning Covid-19 vaccine requirements.”