Anti-Vaxxers Attempt To Fire Bomb Home Of MEP

Yahoo News reports:

A Belgium politician has said anti-vaxxers threw a Molotov cocktail at his home after he said vaccinations were the way out of the coronavirus crisis. Pascal Arimont, an MEP for the Christian Social Party, used a Facebook post to condemn the attack outside his house.

The fire bomb was thrown at his home in Büllingen on Saturday, said the MEP, who has made a complaint to police. The attackers also used spray paint to write a threat across his garage door.

When translated, it read: “Lying, blackmailing, inciting hatred, dividing… you will pay for it”. The MEP said he had found the Molotov cocktail 1m under the windows of the bedrooms where his children sleep.

The EU Observer reports:

European Parliament president David Sassoli has demanded justice following an attack against a Belgian MEP purportedly by anti-vaxxers.

“Those responsible must be brought to justice,” Sassoli said in a tweet on Monday (6 December). “We will never tolerate this kind of hatred. In a democracy, disagreement must be solved with words, not violence,” he said.

His comments follow an attack over the weekend against the family home of Belgian centre-right MEP Pascal Arimont. Vandals tossed a Molotov cocktail at his house, confirmed by the police. Although it did not set fire to the house, the incident left Arimont badly shaken.