Another Amazon Outage Brings Down Many Major Sites

The Data Center reports:

Amazon Web Services is down again, in its third outage this month. There is a problem with AWS at its US-East-1 (Virginia) cloud region, impacting a number of customers and users.

Among those impacted are Coinbase, Fortnite, Hulu, Instacart, Rocket League, Acadly, Peloton, Hinge, Quora, the Epic Games Store, Slack, GitHub rival Bitbucket, Samsung Smart Lights, Asana, and Imgur.

The Associated Press reports:

The incident earlier this month at Amazon Web Services also mostly affected the eastern U.S., but still impacted everything from airline reservations and auto dealerships to payment apps and video streaming services to Amazon’s own massive e-commerce operation.

That included The Associated Press, whose publishing system was inoperable for much of the day, greatly limiting its ability to publish its news report. Amazon has still said nothing about what, exactly, went wrong with the Dec. 7 outage.