Another 1400 Flights Canceled Today, 2000 Delayed

ABC News reports:

Over 1,400 flights going into, out of and within the U.S. were canceled on Friday as the year comes to a close with snarled travel due to the impact of COVID-19 and the omicron variant on airlines and their crews.

According to FlightAware’s live delay and cancellation statistic, just over 1,400 flights in the U.S. were canceled on New Year’s Eve. The U.S. airlines reporting the highest volume of canceled flights are SkyWest, United, JetBlue, Delta, Allegiant Air and Southwest.

On top of these cancellations, nearly 2,000 additional flights in the U.S. have been delayed. Globally, over 6,500 flights have been delayed and nearly 3,000 have been canceled.

The New York Times reports:

The next few days may be just as frustrating. Storms in Southern California and the Northwest could combine to dump snow on airline hubs in Denver and Chicago, with severe thunderstorms threatening Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, too, according to Dan DePodwin, director of forecast operations at AccuWeather.

Alaska Airlines, whose main hub is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, went so far as to suggest that people put off nonessential travel until the new year. The carrier was hit hard again Thursday, with 14 percent of its flights canceled, as Seattle got more snow.

As many as 10 million people may fly from Thursday through Monday, according to Transportation Security Administration estimates.