Alex Jones Suggests Biden Used “Weather Machines” To Spawn This Weekend’s Rash Of Deadly Tornadoes

Media Matters has the transcript:

So, they just think you’re stupid and they don’t want you knowing they are doing all of this, and they’ve got carbon systems they are putting in, that big, huge geoengineering systems, terraforming systems that are sucking carbon dioxide out of the air when it’s a trace gas that we need, and was hundreds of times higher millions of years ago than it is now.

That’s why plants and animals were so much bigger and healthier. But we’ve adapted to live in less air. This is insane, ladies and gentlemen. OK, so the question is did [Joe] Biden last February, this year, order the power turned off in Texas.

They did officially; they wouldn’t let them up the power. Now, we know that. So the question is did they use weather weapons to cause the tornadoes? That’s a legitimate question to ask.