White Supremacists Celebrate Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

Kristen Doerer reports at Right Wing Watch:

“God is on our side,” Lauren Witzke—a flat-Earth, QAnon-believing conspiracy theorist with ties to white nationalists and antisemites—wrote on Gab. “The world needs more model young men like him that keep their communities safe from the mob.” “Cheers everyone and congratulations to Kyle Rittenhouse for his freedom,” she added.

The white supremacist outlet VDARE called Rittenhouse a “hero.” On Twitter, the account stated: “This much is true: Kyle Rittenhouse is the hero we’ve been waiting for throughout the turbulent summer of 2020, where a Black Lives Matter/Antifa/Bolshevik revolution has our country on the brink of total chaos.”

In the Proud Boys Telegram channel, members celebrated Kyle’s acquittal and shared memes about his release. One user posted an image of Proud Boys holding a sign “Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong,” while another posted a gif of a Black man lying on the ground while a white man kicked in his face.

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