Trump: “Israel Literally Owned Congress Ten Years Ago”

Israel’s Haaretz has the transcript:

The biggest change I’ve seen in Congress is Israel literally owned Congress, you understand that, ten years ago, 15 years ago. And it was so powerful. It was so powerful.

And today it’s almost the opposite. You have between AOC and Omar and these people that hate Israel, they hate it with a passion, they’re controlling Congress, and Israel is not a force in Congress anymore.

I mean, it’s just amazing. I’ve never seen such a change. I was told I could run for prime minister of Israel and win very easily — they like me over there.

If you look at the vote, it’s incredible that I didn’t get the kind of a vote from Jewish people that you would think I would get. Jewish people in this country, many of them, do not like Israel.

Look at the New York Times, The New York Times is vicious against Israel, and it’s just a terrible thing to watch.

Trump was speaking to the far-right Post Millennial.