Trump Backs Mike Lindell’s “Very Good” Plan To “Melt Down Voting Machines,” Turn Them Into Prison Bars

Yahoo News reports:

Embattled MyPillow CEO and Trump ally Mike Lindell has had the best endorsement yet for his peculiar plan to melt voting machines and turn them into prison bars: Donald Trump himself. Mr Lindell told the one-term president during an almost hour-long interview that melting down voting machines would solve the alleged problem of a rigged 2020 election – or rather, prevent elections from happening.

“I have said we’re going to melt down machines and use them into prison bars,” Mr Lindell told his ally, who was thanked for “standing firm” and for refusing to accept his 2020 defeat. Mr Trump, who had apparently given “strength to millions of people”, allegedly told Mr Lindell that it was “very interesting”. He added that it was “a very good idea” to melt the voting machines, which were among the list of complaints from the former president’s lawyers a year ago.

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