Texas Greenlights Crowdfunded Wall On State Land

El Paso’s CBS News affiliate reports:

A newly signed agreement will allow the construction of border wall on state-owned land in the Rio Grande Valley. Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush announced Monday that a lease agreement between the General Land Office and the Department of Public Safety will allow the construction of a border wall along a GLO-owned farm tract in Starr County.

“Washington continues to ignore the Biden Administration’s border crisis, leaving Texans no choice but to take matters into our own hands,” said Bush in the release. This is the latest move from Texas following Gov. Greg Abbott’s emergency declaration to complete the Texas border wall in a response to the migrant crossings at the border.

Newsmax reports:

Abbott announced in June a crowdfunding effort to pay for the wall and other barriers such as fencing. The Republican governor pledged $250 million in state money to start the project.

The Texas Senate approved House Bill 9 in September to allocate $1.88 billion toward border security, a move that nearly tripled state spending after already approving $1.05 billion earlier this year.

The Texas Tribune reported late last month that five firms remained on a short list to design and build southern border barriers in the state. The list included some businesses that came under question by the Trump administration for quality of work or impact on the environment with previous projects.