RNC Apologizes For Messaging On New “Pride Coalition” With Log Cabin Quislings: We Still Oppose LGBT Rights

Metro Weekly reports:

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel has apologized in an email to the committee’s 168 members, saying she should have done a better job communicating about and clarifying the aims of a new outreach initiative aimed at gay voters.

McDaniel’s email was sent a few hours after she hosted a conference call with RNC members intended to reassure them that the party has not changed its stances on major issues such as same-sex marriage, religious freedom, and opposition to nondiscrimination laws without broad, sweeping religious exemptions.

“The RNC hiring this new staffer does not mean we are advocating for ANY policy or RNC platform change on these issues,” she asserted.

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McDaniel had announced the partnership with Log Cabin Republicans at their black tie gala at Mar-A-Lago last week, where the group gave Melania Trump their “Spirit of Lincoln” award. Blowback was immediate and fierce, with Tony Perkins, Jenna Ellis, and Todd Starnes among those calling for McDaniel to resign.