QAnon Rep: The US Capitol Is “Basically A Glass Castle Just Waiting To Be Shattered By The American People”

“You know, all of it’s so easy – the Capitol, it’s basically like a glass castle just waiting to be shattered by the American people that are sick and tired and fed up of the lies and the hypocrisy.

“And that’s all I see most of the time in Congress is lies and hypocrisy or just fear-based decisions. The stupid Republicans that just won’t push the line and won’t cross the line and won’t go far enough because they’re scared.

“Because somebody might stand up and challenge them or someone’s going to write a new – a bad news story or simply whatever it may be, they may lose their lobbyist donations.” – QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, today.

As you’ll see in the clip, Steve Bannon immediately tries to walk back Greene’s declaration, worrying that “Media Matters is going to be all over it.”