“QAnon Queen” Calls For Killing Those Who Vax Kids

Vice News reports:

Roman Didulo, a Canadian woman who has convinced thousands of QAnon adherents that she’s the secret ruler of Canada, is targeting health care workers administering COVID-19 vaccines to children, politicians, journalists, and others who make up the cabal at the heart of the QAnon conspiracy.

In a post on Sunday to her over 70,000 followers on Telegram, Didulo issued an order to the soldiers of her “Kingdom of Canada’s Military.” She demanded the mass arrests of those they consider opposition, and wanted her soldiers to take control of newspapers and seize the border.

“Shoot to kill anyone who tries to inject Children under the age of 19 years old with Coronavirus19 vaccines/ bioweapons or any other Vaccines,” she wrote. “This order is effective immediately.”

Read the full article. Anti-Hate Canada has much more. Didulo first appeared on JMG in June when she issued a similar call to “put bullets in the heads” of all heathcare workers.