QAnon AZ State Rep: “Be More Like Joe McCarthy”

Mediaite reports:

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers tweeted a photo of late U.S. Senator Joe McCarthy on Saturday, with text encouraging people to follow in his footsteps of getting, “rid of the communists.” Rogers has remained consistent in her messaging against communism, as earlier this year she suggested that Labor Day is a “communist holiday.” Rogers joined Senator Ted Cruz in his crusade against Big Bird for promoting vaccinations.

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Rogers last appeared on JMG when she praised Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. Before that, she appeared her when she spearheaded a letter from over 150 GOP state reps demanding a “complete audit” of the 2020 election in every state.

Rogers first appeared on JMG when she threatened to imprison Merrick Garland. Since then she acted as conductor on QAnon cuckoo train, even claiming that COVID does not exist and that the vaccine has killed over 50,000 people.