Proud Boys Menace Shoppers In Long Island Town

Newsday reports:

About 20 members of the far-right group the Proud Boys marched through Rockville Centre on Small Business Saturday, drawing ire from local lawmakers and concern from local businesses and customers.

Members of the group marched down Sunrise Highway, waving American flags and “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and playing music from the back of a pickup truck. Several members also made a hand gesture for white power and raised their arm in a salute.

Some members, wearing bandannas over their faces, moved to the downtown business district on Park Avenue, where they entered stores, shouted slogans and handed out flyers promoting their 12 tenets including “minimal government,” “anti-racism,” “anti-racial guilt,” “venerate the housewife” and “reinstate the spirit of Western chauvinism.”

Read the full article. The tweet below is from a Dem state senator. In the linked article, the Republican mayor of Rockville Center, population 24,000, claims not to have ever heard of the Proud Boys. Apparently, the Proud Boys have declared the day after Black Friday to be “White Saturday.”