Prominent “Flat Earth” Anti-Vaxxer Dies Of Something

Canada’s Global News reports:

Mak Parhar, the New Westminster man who gained online notoriety for his belief the earth is flat and outspoken denial that COVID-19 exists, has died. New Westminster police confirmed they were called to help paramedics at a home in the Sapperton neighbourhood Thursday morning, but arrived to find Parhar deceased.

In a recent livestreamed video, Parhar reported feeling ill with a variety of symptoms, including fatigue, chills and a cough, which he said was “not CONVID (sic) because CONVID (sic) doesn’t exist.” In a video posted Wednesday, Parhar said he was feeling somewhat better and had recently taken Ivermectin.

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Parhar was awaiting trial for refusing to quarantine after traveling to a flat earth conference. Early in the pandemic he was part of the movement to storm hospitals to film their supposedly empty ICUs. In April, he sued the BC government, claiming terrorism, extortion, and kidnapping related to their COVID restrictions.