Politico: If Nancy Pelosi Retires, Her Daughter May Run

Politico Playbook reports:

Speaker Pelosi has hinted strongly this will be her last term in the House. And back in her district, buzz is building over her potential successor — and the possibility that her daughter, Christine Pelosi, could make a play for the seat. But the competition will be fierce for a seat that hasn’t been truly up since 1987. One potential candidate, state Sen. Scott Wiener, has strong LGBTQ backing and has been laying the groundwork at the grassroots and local levels.

Christine — who heads the California Democratic Women’s caucus and is a DNC executive committeewoman — would start with enormous advantages, like universal name ID and access to her mother’s fundraising list. But according to people close to Christine, there are concerns about the perception of nepotism if and when her mother endorses her. It’s also unclear how San Francisco, with its hyper-engaged electorate, would react to the prospect of a dynastic House seat.

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