Perkins Continues Assault On RNC For Partnership With Log Cabin Quislings, Ignores Trump’s Role In The Event

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Either the RNC didn’t expect the grassroots fury over their LGBT coalition — or they thought they could ignore it. Whatever their thinking, the last several days have been a rude awakening for the GOP’s fundraising arm.

Calls and emails have been streaming into RNC headquarters and state offices, all demanding answers about why the party unilaterally abandoned core principles.

Shaken by the criticism, McDaniel decided to host a conference call with leaders on Monday. It was, as one state official put it, almost perfunctory. After reading a prepared statement and taking no questions, she quickly ended the call — hardly the dialogue that the elected leadership of the Republicans deserved after such a betrayal.

In a follow-up email, McDaniel blamed lurking reporters for the brevity and sent a list of talking points that state leaders could use to justify her new “Pride Coalition.” She apologized for the “lack of communication” and went on to list several bullet points that only dig the RNC’s hole deeper.

Among other things, she labeled the partnership with the LGBT movement just another “comprehensive outreach program.” Of course, RNC leaders probably didn’t send this through the normal channels because they knew their membership would oppose it. What they didn’t know was how strongly they would.

But frankly, what did McDaniel expect? After all that conservatives have been through these last two years, after the uphill battles over voter fraud and election integrity, the last thing conservatives want is to be sabotaged from the inside.

Peter Montgomery reports at Right Wing Watch:

Perkins’ performative outrage about the Pride coalition has been more selective than courageous. He is waging a public war against McDaniel but is silent about Trump’s participation in the event. Taking shots at McDaniel and LGBTQ people appears to be a calculated move: Why risk angering Perkins’ Trump-adoring supporters?

Other religious-right activists calling for McDaniel’s departure or amplifying evangelical complaints about the Pride coalition include the American Family Association’s Rob Chambers, anti-LGBTQ extremist Peter LaBarbera and former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis, who claimed that conservatives must base policies on “objective moral truth.”

As I reported two weeks ago, Trump and Melania attended the Log Cabin Quislings’ black tie gala, where Melania accepted the group’s “Spirit of Lincoln” award. Funny how the haters keep leaving that part out.