One Million Moms Vs “Gender Confused” Twix [VIDEO]

Via email from hate group leader Monica Cole:

Twix should be ashamed of their latest commercial’s attempt to normalize transgenderism and their use of a child to do so. Their “Twix Bite Size Halloween: The New Nanny” ad includes an elementary age boy wearing a princess dress, alongside his nanny who is dressed as a witch.

The nanny threatens neighborhood children when they are confused by the boy’s costume, especially since it is not Halloween. Later, children at a park also ask him why he is dressed like that. They say that he looks like a girl — and he does.

The gender confused child says, “Dressing like this makes me feel good.” The children tell him that he and his nanny look weird. One particular boy is dressed in a superhero cape, and he says that boys don’t wear dresses.

The trans boy states, “No, we are just different.” Then, the nanny decides to handle the situation by doing away with the other boy through her magic and a huge gust of wind. Soon, he is nowhere to be seen because the nanny makes him disappear, leaving only his empty superhero cape floating to the ground.

This commercial has nothing to do with candy at all. Twix really outdid themselves with this advertisement that teaches children to kill anyone who calls you weird or has a different opinion than your own. It also intimates that is ok for adults to physically harm children and to emasculate young boys.

Twix has committed marketing suicide in the process. There are so many candy products to choose from, so it will be simple for consumers to find other chocolates this Christmas for stocking stuffers — and all throughout the year for that matter.

TAKE ACTION!  If you agree that this commercial is inappropriate, sign our petition urging Twix to remain neutral. Let them know that until they do so, you will not purchase Twix candy bars. And please share this with your friends and family.

It appears that this anti-bullying clip only played on Hulu. And as usual, Monica is late to the game as Christian sites were apeshit about the ad last month.