Oath Keeper/Actor Charged In Riot Tells Judge He Is Immune From Prosecution Due To His “Divine” Rights

Politico reports:

A judge is allowing a Broadway actor arrested for his alleged walk-on role in the Capitol riot to remain free on pretrial release, despite his bizarre claims to be beyond the jurisdiction of the court. At a contentious hearing held Monday, James Beeks — a Michael Jackson impersonator who starred as Judas in a traveling “Jesus Christ Superstar” company until his arrest last week — narrowly escaped being jailed after a tense exchange with Chief Judge Beryl Howell.

“I am an American standing under public law and I am here by special divine appearance,” Beeks told Howell. “I cannot represent myself because I am myself,” he said. “I reserve all rights at all times and waive none, ever.” Howell snapped back at Beeks, declaring his statements unintelligible. “That’s all gobbledygook. I have no idea what you’re saying,” the judge said.

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