NYC Mayoral Candidate Dares Poll Workers To Have Him Arrested Over His Campaign Jacket And Kitten [VIDEO]

AM New York reports:

Election Day photo ops for candidates are usually a breeze — but not for Curtis Sliwa. The Republican candidate’s appearance Tuesday at Frank McCourt High School on the Upper West Side turned into a circus that featured clashes between Sliwa and poll site workers when he attempted to bring one of his pet cats to the voting booth, and wear a campaign jacket.

Sliwa initially met reporters outside the poll site in good spirits that quickly faded. Once inside Sliwa was informed that he would need to remove his trademark red jacket in order to vote since it had his campaign name scribbled across it, something that made him red hot. “They want to strip me?” he said. “They will have to call the cops.”

The New York Post reports:

Sliwa ultimately triumphed in his fight to keep his jacket on, but the longshot mayoral contender had a harder time after that — struggling to actually cast a vote for himself in his contest against Democrat Eric Adams, who voted earlier in the day without incident.

Sliwa explained that after he filled out his ballot and scanned it, the machine displayed a message that his ballot had been “accepted” but not “deposited.”

The poll site did not have a person on hand to repair the machine, so after a 40-minute wait, Sliwa’s paper was removed from the machine, and the GOP underdog again submitted his ballots with success.

Sliwa and his fourth wife live in a Bronx studio apartment with 16 cats. The New York Times visited and reported that the apartment “does not smell.”

Sliwa is best known to longtime New Yorkers for multiple hoaxes in which he claimed to have stopped muggings as they were happening.

In 1992 he admitted to having faked his own kidnapping, which he had blamed on three transit police officers.

In August, Sliwa hired the 70s disco act The Trammps to sing “Disco Inferno” while he held a mask-burning ceremony.