NY Gov Calls For NYC Workers To Return To The Office

New York City’s CBS News affiliate reports:

Gov. Kathy Hochul is calling on people who work in New York City to come back to the office. She says she wants to see employees return early in the new year to bolster the local economy. “How about this New Year’s resolution? That in the days after New Year’s that we say, everybody back in the office,” the governor said Thursday.

“You can have a flex time, but we need you back at least the majority of the week. Come on back New Yorkers. We miss you.”

Getting the 3.1 million people who worked in Manhattan pre-pandemic back to the office will be a challenge. A recent study by the Partnership for New York City predicted only 49% of office workers will be back at their desks by the end of January. The study also found one-third of companies expect to reduce NYC office space needs in the next five years.

Read the full article. Judging by the replies and the ratio, her call did not go over very well.