NJ GOP Senator-Elect Sorry For Racist, Bigoted Posts

Philadelphia’s NBC News affiliate reports:

The story of a plucky truck driver who ousted New Jersey’s longest-serving Senate president in a long-shot, upset victory took a turn after the revelation of xenophobic and transphobic social media posts.

One post on Republican Edward Durr’s Twitter account calls the Prophet Muhammad a “pedophile” and Islam a “false religion” and a “cult of hate,” while describing adherents to Muslim teachings as “fools.” The posts emerged just hours after the race was called in his favor.

On Facebook, Durr’s account includes a post claiming Vice President Kamala Harris earned her position based only on her race and gender. “I’m a passionate guy. And I say things in the heat of the moment. And if I said anything in the past that hurt anybody’s feelings, I sincerely apologize,” Durr told WHYY.

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