Newsmax Reporter: Vax Contains A Satanic “Tracker”

Mediaite reports:

Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson posted a nuts tweet claiming that Covid-19 vaccines contain some sort of satanic tracker with an unsubtle moniker.

“Dear Christians: the vaccines contain a bioluminescent marker called LUCIFERASE so that you can be tracked,” Robinson wrote Monday in a tweet that has since been deleted. “Read the last book of the New Testament to see how this ends,” she added.

Robinson’s citation of the New Testament is a reference to the biblical end times prophecy detailed in the Book of Revelations, the “tracker” in this scenario being analogous to the mark of the beast.

Reuters was forced to do a fact-check:

The novel coronavirus vaccine manufactured by Moderna does not contain luciferin, an organic compound involved in bioluminescence, or the enzyme luciferase, contrary to claims on social media.

While luciferase was involved in some COVID-19 research in the summer of 2020, none of the available vaccines contain either ingredient.

Researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston last July isolated luciferase from fireflies to develop more accurate COVID-19 tests and potential treatments.

Her tweet was deleted by Twitter as fake news.