Matt Gaetz Attacks McCarthy: His Eight-Hour House Speech Was Like A “Really Long Death Rattle” [VIDEO]

“There was never a circumstance in today’s Washington where we were gonna win one and the Democrats were gonna win one. They were gonna win it all, or we were gonna win it all.

“And you know what’s so frustrating? We had the ability to block everything. America would not be waking up to this attack on the dollar, attack on energy, attack on folks through the IRS, if we would’ve blocked the infrastructure bill.

“So while we heard Leader McCarthy speak for a great duration of time, it was like a really long death rattle. The outcome was already determined as a consequence of poor leadership and poor strategy.

“If we’d made the right strategic choices, we could’ve stopped this, but we didn’t because we confused leverage for momentum.” – Rep. Matt Gaetz, speaking today on Steve Bannon’s web show.