Loony Louie Gohmert Exploring Run For Texas AG

The Texas Tribune reports:

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, is exploring a run for Texas attorney general, weighing a late entry into the already crowded primary to unseat GOP incumbent Ken Paxton. Gohmert said he will run if he can raise $1 million in the next 10 days.

He announced his plans during an event Tuesday morning in Tyler that was surrounded by confusion. He had been set to make a “very important” campaign announcement there, and while a live broadcast of the announcement did not work, a website surfaced around the same time that claimed he was making an “exploratory” effort in the race.

The Texas Ethics Commission said afterward that it received a new campaign treasurer appointment from Gohmert for an attorney general run, one of the first formal steps someone has to take to vie for state office.

Read the full article. Already running against Paxton are George P. Bush and anti-LGBT activist Rep. Matt Krause.