Lindell Has New Timeline For Supreme Court LOLsuit

The Huffington Post reports:

Lindell has been claiming since summer that he was coordinating a lawsuit among “tons” of state attorneys general, as many as 30, to be filed at 9 a.m. Tuesday directly with the U.S. Supreme Court and that he would spend the long Thanksgiving weekend explaining the suit during an ad-free webcast. On Friday, Lindell appeared on Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s podcast, where he was asked: “Where do we stand with these AGs?”

Lindell said that only one attorney general, Republican Steve Marshall of Alabama, had definitively refused to be involved in the lawsuit. “Most of them have said, Mike, let’s get together after this Thanksgiving week,” he told Bannon. Lindell had initially promised that the Supreme Court would “reinstate” Trump in August, then moved that target to September, then said it would happen by the end of 2021 as a result of his lawsuit.

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