Jerry Falwell Revives Defamation Suit Against Liberty, Demands Return Of Handgun, Three Horses, His URL

Virginia Business reports:

Former Liberty University President and Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. has revived his defamation lawsuit against the Lynchburg-based private Christian university that is suing him for $10 million, according to court documents filed in late October.

Falwell also seeks the return of personal property he says is being held by the university, including a .38 revolver, the URL, legal files and three horses loaned to the university’s equestrian center.

Falwell’s countersuit in Lynchburg Circuit Court came seven months after Liberty sued Falwell over breach of contract and fiduciary duty after Falwell was forced to resign in August 2020 following a series of controversies.

Read the full article. Falwell also claims Liberty is holding more of his personal items at the on-campus house deeded to the school by his father, Dead Jerry Falwell, Sr.