Jailed Riot Suspects Complain They’re Being “Force Fed Anti-White Racial Messaging” And “CRT Propaganda”

The Hill reports:

Two alleged Capitol rioters are saying they are being “force fed” critical race theory in a Washington, D.C., jail where they have been detained. Ryan Nichols of Texas and Robert Morss [photo] of Pennsylvania wrote a letter to a D.C. federal judge on Tuesday alleging that they have endured “constitutional, human, and civil rights violations.”

Among a list of 77 grievances, the men allege that they must beg for water and medical aid, and that they are not allowed religious services or visitors. “We are force fed CRT [critical race theory] propaganda on tablets,” the two wrote. They also alleged that they are “force fed reeducation propaganda” and that there is “anti-White Racial messaging” on their tablets.

Read the full article. Both men have been charged with assaulting Capitol officers, which is why they remain in jail.