“I’m White” Rioter Vows Revenge On Critics [Video]

“They’ve taken my image and used my image to skewer Trump, to skewer Trump supporters, and definitely to skewer myself. I’m a big-time victim.

“Like, I’ve gone through hell. They’ve gone through my phone. I was treated like a terrorist at the airport with eight TSAs searching me on the tarmac.

“I cannot tell you how I’ve been treated, and it’s been horrible, and it’s a travesty, and I hope I don’t get in trouble for talking right now. What we’re going to do is now take action against some of the cancel culture.

“Anyone out there who’s spread lies about me will be hearing from my people in the future.” – “I’m white” rioter Jenna Ryan, speaking to Newsmax’s Greg Kelly, who agrees that she’s a victim and wishes her “good luck in prison.”

Watch the clip. Womp womp.