House COVID Panel Subpoenas Cultist Peter Navarro

Politico reports:

A congressional committee investigating the Trump administration’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic issued a subpoena for former White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on Thursday for failing to respond to document and interview requests.

The committee is probing whether former Trump administration officials mishandled the federal response to the pandemic, specifically whether it interfered with its own health agencies’ work and how it attempted to change its messaging to downplay the threats posed by the virus.

In a statement to POLITICO, Navarro called the congressional investigation and the subpoena a “witch hunt.” “I will be delivering a case of my new book ‘In Trump Time’ to members of the committee which explains why this is indeed a witch hunt,” he said.

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As you surely recall, Navarro was one of the loudest and was certainly the most obnoxious of Trumpers spreading COVID disinformation.

Among his most infamous claims is that China created COVID in a lab and then dispatched their citizens to the US to “seed that virus among us.”

Navarro appeared on JMG in April 2021 when it was reported that he had funneled hundreds of millions in federal COVID contracts to his business cronies.

Earlier this week Navarro appeared on the web show of lunatic COVID denier and anti-Semite Pastor Rick Wiles.