Homocon Peter Thiel Buys Washington DC Mansion

Politico Playbook reports:

In August, former Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and his wife Hilary Geary Ross sold their 10,000-square-foot home in Woodland-Normanstone for $13 million, according to D.C. tax records. It is the most expensive D.C. home sale of the last 12 months. The August deal was shrouded in mystery. The purchaser used an LLC called Salona Village Holdings that concealed their identity. But the secret is out.

According to multiple sources, the anonymous buyer behind the LLC is Peter Thiel, the German-born billionaire co-founder of PayPal and friend of Trump. Thiel’s political views are murky. Once known as a libertarian, his biographer, Max Chafkin, recently told Katie Fossett “there are aspects of Thiel’s politics that aren’t libertarian at all; they’re closer to authoritarianism. It’s super-nationalistic, it’s a longing for a sort of more powerful chief executive, or, you know, a dictator, in other words.”

Read the full article. According to the piece, Thiel’s mansion may become the next “MAGA meeting spot.” Thiel has poured at least $10 million into the Senate campaigns of J.D. Vance in Ohio and Blake Masters in Arizona.