Hawley Declares Masculinity To Be His New Key Issue

Axios reports:

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) told “Axios on HBO” he’ll make masculinity a signature political issue, because he claims “the left” is telling men: “You’re part of the problem. Your masculinity is inherently problematic.”

“As conservatives, we’ve got to call men back to responsibility,” Hawley said. “We’ve got to say that spending your time not working, spending your time on video games, spending your time watching porn online is not good for you, your family or this country.”

Asked during the “Axios on HBO” interview to paint a picture of his ideal man, Hawley said: “Well, a man is a father. A man is a husband. A man is somebody who takes responsibility.”

Read the full article. Hawley last appeared on JMG when he declared that the “leftist” attack on masculinity was driving men to watch morn porn and play more video games. In the interview below, Hawley claims that criticisms of masculinity are an “attack on America.”