Greene And Clyde Hit With More Mask Refusal Fines

The Washington Examiner reports:

The House Ethics Committee on Monday disclosed additional fines against Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Andrew Clyde for failing to comply with the chamber’s face mask rules. The fines are the latest in a series for the Georgia Republicans, who have both protested a requirement to wear a face mask on the House floor as a COVID-19 mitigation effort by flouting the rule.

Infractions after a first offense result in a $2,500 deduction from a congressional paycheck. Neither lawmaker appealed any of the fines disclosed Monday before the deadline to do so. Greene’s refusal to comply with the rule has caused her to accrue at least $48,000 in fines. Clyde reportedly raised the federal withholding level on his congressional salary earlier this year in an effort to evade paying the fines. His fines also total in the thousands.

Read the full article. Clyde is best known here for his claim that the Capitol rioters were mere “tourists.” This despite photos showing him desperately barricading the House chamber doors to stop them.