GOP State Rep: Gays Beaten For Holding Hands Are Getting The “Normal Consequences For Their Choices”

The Missoulian reports:

The “God, Country, Family” tour is coordinated by the Gideon Knox Group, which publishes the Montana Daily Gazette, and will make six total stops in communities around the state. Speakers at Wednesday’s event included Pastor Jordan “JD” Hall, who founded the Montana Daily Gazette, Senator Theresa Manzella (R-Hamilton), congressional candidate Al Olszewski, Leah Southwell of the John Birch Society and others.

“This is one we’re going to win,” Manzella said to an eruption of “amens” and applause from attendees. “My right to live a righteous lifestyle based on my sincerely held beliefs does not end where their choice to live a perverse lifestyle begins.”

Manzella went on to say that members of the LGBTQ community like to “play the protected class card,” because queer couples in general have expressed that they’re scared to walk down the street holding hands in fear of possible violence against them for their sexuality. “I’ve got to tell you, I think those are normal consequences associated with the choices they made,” Manzella said.

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The event was held in support of a part-time realtor and pastor who ended his church’s support for a local food bank over its pro-LGBT stance.

The pastor is suing because the local realtors group has filed an ethics complaint against him.

Manzella, you’ll be shocked to learn, is not only viciously anti-LGBT, she’s a full-on anti-vax, horse paste, stolen election, Lindell acolyte, QAnon nutbag.