Gingrich Compares Climate Activists To “Brownshirts”

“Look, I think they are exactly like the brownshirts in Italy and Germany in the ’30s and the late ’20s. I think they are like the Soviets in 1917. Like the Maoists in the 1950s. These are totalitarians and they are saying, you know, I want come after you.

“I actually think Sinema and Manchin ought to just switch parties. They oughta say, ‘we got it, you don’t like us or want us, goodbye.’

“This stuff is crazy and it’s also, as you know, in the case of Rand Paul he had six ribs broken by a crowd that attacked he and his wife.

“So I think there’s a — we ought to look at this and realize this is dangerous stuff.” – Newt Gingrich, after activists confronted Sen. Joe Manchin as he exited his Maserati.

Gingrich, perhaps obviously, has yet to condemn the cultists who stalk and threaten school board members at their homes.