Fox News Priest Blames Astroworld Tragedy On Satan

Mediaite reports:

Jesse Watters spoke with Father Michael Maginot and asked him questions like “What signs did you see at that concert that would lead to you believe there was a satanic role?” and “The stage we’re seeing right now, that looks to you like the gates of hell the way that I guess they designed that?”

“It seemed like it wanted you to go to the other side and so it did seem, you’re kind of going down, you know, Dante’s Inferno, various stages of hell,” Maginot said. “People are kind of being induced to push forward not realizing the havoc you could cause.”

Read the full article. QAnon crazies, unsurprisingly, have been pushing similar claims ever since the concert. Watters, not incidentally, has praised QAnon as “uncovering lots of great stuff.” In the piece linked below, the Daily Caller interviews “top exorcists.” Really.