FL Bill Would Protect Doctors Who Lie About COVID

Florida Politics reports:

In a nod to the ongoing tug-of-war over the COVID-19 pandemic, a Republican lawmaker wants to bar state regulators from going after doctors even if they tout medically questionable treatments or cures.

Republican Rep. Brad Drake [photo] has filed so-called “free speech” legislation that would require the state or its licensing boards to prove by clear and convincing evidence that a health care provider’s social media posts caused harm to a current patient before revoking — or threatening to revoke — a license, certificate, or registration of a health care practitioner.

Some expressed concerns the bill would muzzle medical boards tasked with holding physicians medically accountable. In addition to impacting physicians, the bill applies to dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and about 20 other health care providers.

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Earlier this month Tennessee outright banned disciplining doctors for spreading COVID disinformation.