FAA Hits 10 Passengers With Fines Totaling $225,000

NBC News reports:

Ten passengers have been hit with fines totaling $225,287 due to alleged unruly behavior on flights, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The agency announced the civil penalties in a Wednesday news release, outlining 10 new cases where passengers shoved flight attendants, used expletives, threw fits and refused to comply with the FAA requirement for face masks.

Other cases highlighted in the release include a woman accused of spitting on a crew member on a Feb. 3 Southwest Airlines flight from Boston to Chicago and a man who attempted to enter the cockpit on a May 5 Southwest flight from New York City to Chicago. So far this year, the FAA has documented 5,114 reports of unruly passengers and 3,710 reports of refusing to wear a face mask. The agency says 239 cases have been met with penalties.

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