Cultists Plot Revenge On GOP Infrastructure Backers

Politico reports:

It’s the party against critical race theory, “woke-ism” and vaccine mandates. And now, it would seem, the Republican Party is against bridges and roads. The ferocity of the reaction against the 13 House members who voted with Democrats on the House-passed infrastructure bill appeared to signal a new stage in the party’s evolution, marking the GOP as so reflexively anti-Biden that even spending on infrastructure — an issue that Donald Trump once obsessed over as president — is too radioactive to support.

In the days since the House vote, the 13 Republicans who voted with Democrats for spending on roads and bridges — once among the driest, most bipartisan exercises on the Hill — have been savaged by Trump and his allies, who called the defectors “traitors” and suggested they could be stripped of their committee assignments. The eruption over infrastructure laid bare how quickly Trump could reassert himself — and impose new litmus tests — on the party.

Read the full article. As noted in the piece, cultist Rep. Madison Cawthorn is vowing to “primary the hell” out of those who voted for the bill. Curiously, there’s been little noticeable backlash against the GOP senators who helped pass the bill.