Cultist GOP House Candidate Calls For Criminalizing Everything “Contrary To The Word Of God” [VIDEO]

“I am excited about the growing movement, especially here in the Fourth District of South Carolina, of people who identify themselves as just Christian conservatives.

“Right? We gotta take it back to the gospel of Jesus Christ and I believe the people here in the Fourth District of South Carolina are getting that.

“It’s not just about being Republicans, it’s about being a conservative Christian who believes this is a Christian nation.

“And any policy that is contrary to the word of God, we need to remove it from mainstream America and make it illegal.” – Pastor Mark Burns.

On his campaign website, Burns rages against LGBTQ rights and abortion. As you may recall, in 2016 Burns literally jumped out of his chair and fled a CNN interview after he was busted for lying about his military service and for lying about having a college degree. It must be what Jesus would want. Burns later claimed he was “attacked” by CNN because he’s a black man who supports Trump. That 2016 CNN interview is below.