Cotton Suggests Non-Parents Shouldn’t Be Teachers

The Independent reports:

Senator Tom Cotton hit out at the head of the teachers’ union, calling her a “joke” and accusing her of knowing nothing about teaching children because she has none of her own. The Arkansas lawmaker was speaking on Fox News when he made the incendiary remark in reference to Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers.

Mr Cotton was discussing the appearance by Ms Weingarten at a rally for Terry McAullife, the Democrat candidate to be Governor of Virginia. “Isn’t it amazing that Terry McAuliffe ends his entire campaign with the head of the teachers’ union,” said Mr Cotton.

“Randi Weingarten is a joke,” he continued. “Randi Weingarten does not even have children of her own. What the hell does she know about raising and teaching kids?”

Read the full article. Weingarten is openly gay. The video below has been posted to the official YouTube channel of the National Republican Senate Committee.