Convicted Homocon Rioter Begs For Donations For His “Horrifying And Staggering” Legal Bills Of “Six Figures”

From convicted homocon rioter Brandon Straka:

I still REALLY need your help, Patriots. My legal expenses from all that I’m enduring will be well into six figures. It’s horrifying and staggering. But I take a deep breath and try not to be overwhelmed by this because I truly know and believe you all will not leave me on my own.

PLEASE click my support link below and sign up to be a monthly recurring supporter. Literally even ONE DOLLAR A MONTH is a tremendous help if everybody signs up.

I’m being completely sincere- many people might say to themselves, “One dollar a month is ridiculous and won’t make any difference. And I can’t afford to contribute enough to ACTUALLY help”.

Please don’t think this way. I get so many wonderful replies from many of you. There are a lot of you following here.

If everybody signs up to help at a dollar a month, or whatever you’re able to do, I’ll be able to come through these legal nightmares and get back on my feet- and even expose some of these people for what they are in the process.

My sentencing in my case is December 17th. That’s just 5 weeks from today. I don’t know exactly what to expect. I just pray for a fair outcome0.

Please say your own prayers as well. No matter what, that will be the close to this long, terrible chapter and I am very, very much looking forward to moving on with my life. Whatever the sentence is, I will do it and MOVE ON.

THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart for hanging on during this epic SHITSTORM of a year.

In 2022, I want to get back out, back to work, and meet EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU and want the biggest hugs I’ve ever gotten in my life from each and every one of you all.