Clapton Appears On Leading Anti-Vax Nutbag’s Podcast

Consequence Of Sound reports:

Former rock icon and current loony Eric Clapton doubled down on his COVID-19 trutherism in a conversation with noted anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on the latter’s podcast, The Defender.

As Clapton explained, holding anti-science beliefs has taken a toll on his mental health. “I thought I was going crazy,” he said. He added, “The lifesaving part of it was I’d found a group of people who were inviting me to talk about it because I couldn’t talk about it anywhere.”

In fact, Clapton feels more committed to this cause than ever before. “It’s funny, because they can say stuff about me, but I actually haven’t felt physical opposition,” Clapton said. “I’ve felt more support as a result of this than I ever did before about anything.”

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