Christian Broadcasters Sue Biden Admin Claiming That Vaccine Mandates Are “A Sin Against God’s Holy Word”

The Christian Post reports:

Daystar Television Network, one of the largest Christian television networks in the world and The American Family Association, a nonprofit Christian organization, said in a lawsuit today that a federal vaccine mandate forcing large companies to require their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccinated is a ”sin against God’s Holy Word.”

“AFA and Daystar have religious objections to forcing their employees to test their conscience about receiving the vaccine. AFA and Daystar believe that if they implement the required vaccine mandate, they will wound the consciences of their employees and potentially cause them to sin,” lawyers for both organizations wrote in a court filing.

The American Family Association, which is based in Mississippi, owns and operates some 180 radio stations across the country under the American Family Radio name while Daystar Television, based in Dallas, Texas, is owned by the Word of God Fellowship.

Read the full article. Tim Wildmon is the AFA’s president.